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"I had a few sessions with a trainer once, and after my first session with her, I didn't feel like I had really worked out. It made me wonder if hiring a trainer would be beneficial at all. Then I met Mark. He offered to let me try a session with him, and I thought it would be just like before---easy and pointless. But after my first session with him I quickly realized that his method was different. After our first half-hour session I could barely move, and he had to help me off the floor. But I knew that he had pushed me really hard, and that I would see the results I had been struggling to get on my own. I signed on with Mark that same day, and I couldn't have been happier with the results. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else."


"People often ask how I’ve lost so much weight. I have three answers: 1. Hard Work. 2. Dedication. 3. Mark Swift! After my first session with Mark, I knew I found something special! When you feel like you can’t do anymore, Mark pushes you to get there. The days following my first session I could barely move. I knew then that this was the perfect trainer for me! Thanks to Mark I have lost almost 40 lbs. and almost as many inches in just 6 short months. I often tell people that this is the best money I ever spent. And trust me when I say, it will be the best money you ever spend! I promise you won’t regret it! "


"The thing I like most about my training sessions with Mark is that he changes things up. It doesn't become a boring, basic routine because he's always doing different workouts. I can talk to Mark about anything too, so it's like getting a package deal -- trainer and therapist all in one. =D I can tell he's genuinely dedicated in helping me reach my goal which helps motivate me to continue being healthy and working out on my own. I'm the type of person that has to be motivated to work out because I will just get off track eventually and Mark is a fantastic trainer because he WILL check up on you and make sure you're staying on track. I couldn't have made a better decision than getting Mark as my personal trainer!"


"I would consider myself an athlete for most my life. However, everyone has those trouble spots that just will not quit... I shared these with Mark, and immediately I noticed a difference in those muscles you rarely use like your sides, inner and outer thighs, and the dreaded armpit roll! I've done lots of exercises to try and get rid of these, but was never was successful until I started training with Mark. Through his combination of cardio and strength training, I lost several inches, a good amount of body fat and most importantly, went down one pant size! I felt great about my body and about being able to accomplish a goal I was unable to reach for several years!"


"I am Mark’s first post-weight-loss-surgery trainee.In November of 2010 I could barely move. My diet was made up of its own food groups: sugar, pasta, potatoes, chips, and salsa. I was a professional couch potato with a great grip on my remote control. The mere act of having to bend over practically resulted in self-suffocation. My blood pressure had started to rise, I was sick all the time, my body hurt head to toe. I had become the “fat friend wing man”, and eventually became so embarrassed over my appearance I kept myself hidden in the house. One of my doctors had said if I did not take some serious strides to make changes with my weight, I would die very young. When I met Mark earlier this year I was a few months away from having weight loss surgery, and was just as round as an NHL hockey stick was long at my largest point. My self-esteem, energy commitment levels were at an all-time low. Mark was aware of this and stood nearby, and always let me know through phone calls, text messages and when we saw each other in passing that he was ready to help me get moving as soon as I was. My light bulb finally switched on about 90 days after my surgery, and Mark and I started working out together.I’ve met other trainers in the past and none of them compare to Mark and Swift Results. In my opinion, Mark made his time invested in me personal. I have never felt like just another client. Our sessions are challenging, never routine (therefore, never boring), and always fun. Mark knows exactly what my weight loss goals are, and always reminds me. He pushes me for that extra lift, extra push, extra pull, extra swing, extra something. He never lets me quit. He’s also very involved – he doesn’t stand around like some trainers do. And just like his name: there have been Swift Results.To date I am 103 pounds lighter, my BMI has dropped 14% and I’ve lost countless inches. Mark has played an incredibly enormous part in my weight loss success this far, and I couldn’t imagine where I would be without his involvement. The return on my investment with Swift Results far surpasses anything I could have ever imagined."


"My name is Mike and I graduated from Trine University with a degree in Exercise Science. I was a member of the Trine University and Ohio Wesleyan football teams for four years earning two MIAA championships. A major factor of these successes was Mark Swift and his personal training programs. I began training with Mark my junior year of high school. I was a scrawny kid with no clear direction but a desire to excel in football. Not only did Mark help me reach my potential as an athlete but he also inspired my confidence and motivation as a young man. Swift Results encompasses every aspect of an excellent strength and conditioning program. The program tailors its training to the unique needs of every individual. Once beginning the program I noticed significant gains in speed, power, agility, quickness, endurance, and stamina. Mark worked with me extensively to develop my fast twitch muscle fibers which are a crucial aspect of playing college football. Swift Results uses the most vital, beneficial, and advanced training techniques to improve all areas of physical fitness whether sport specific or individually based. I would highly recommend the program to anyone with a strong desire to improve their lifestyle, physical performance, and personal appearance. Mark is a valuable aspect to have and his personal training programs are second to none."


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“He is a great trainer he got me and my son off our butts and eating healthier and doing more exercise things i would never of thought of .very nice to work with him.he is very understanding of any physical injuries you have and helps you to lose the inches and weight.” 

—  Denise

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